an exploration into the relationship between science, culture, and rock & roll, intended for the adventurous, the curious, and the defiant among us.
:: Substance is Style ::

chasing Tremendous is an initiative founded by Mark Mulvey to attract curious minds and passionate attitudes, outside the walls of academia and with a sexier flame backlighting the pursuit. The intent is to avoid mediocrity and thinness of thought in favor of topics and experiences with more grit, cross-pollinating subject matter along the way to be free of traditional contexts and categories. The goal is to stimulate creativity, reframe old perspectives, and reveal newfound appreciation of the arts and the sciences.

chasing Tremendous is both a set of ideals and a collection of content. Subscribe to both or either if you avoid taking the stairs into the pool.

“Knowledge has a point when we start to find and make connections, to weave stories out of it, stories through which we make sense of the world and our place within it. It is the difference between memorising the bus timetable for a city you will never visit, and using that timetable to explore a city in which you have just arrived. When we follow the connections – when we allow the experience of knowing to take us somewhere, accepting the risk that we will be changed along the way – knowledge can give rise to meaning. And if there is an antidote to boredom, it is not information but meaning.

—Dougald Hine


“The refusal to rest content, the willingness to risk excess on behalf of one’s obsessions, is what distinguishes artists from entertainers, and what makes some artists adventurer’s on behalf of us all.”

—John Updike


“Walk tall, kick ass, learn to speak Arabic, love music and never forget you come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers and warriors.”

—Hunter S. Thompson