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Brain Pickings
I am in no way affiliated with Brain Pickings or its founder, Maria Popova, but I admire both Tremendously.

Aeon Magazine

this week in Tremendous – #3


A RECURRING SERIES OF BULLETS WHERE I GATHER BITS OF TREMENDOUS THAT HAVE CROSSED MY PATH. THE TERM ‘WEEK’ WILL BE USED LIBERALLY AND INCORRECTLY. Stress Gives You Daughters, Sons Make You Liberal [via Nautilus Magazine]: While circulating blood glucose is one likely mechanism that affects sex ratios in response to the environment, it is probably Read More

The beautiful sorrow of things


What makes sadness so sexy? Adam Roberts over at Aeon Magazine recently mused on the nature of melancholy. Not pure “sadness” really, and definitely not depression, but a more gentle form of wistful unhappiness that is inexplicably seen as a more desirable and attractive trait in people than happiness. Melancholy also forms the basis of Read More