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Brain Pickings
I am in no way affiliated with Brain Pickings or its founder, Maria Popova, but I admire both Tremendously.

Nautilus Magazine

Only To Have A Zoologist


Where the golden ratio, mathematical imagination, and physical reality meet. “Given that Fibonacci seems to appear everywhere in nature—from pineapples to rabbit populations—it was all the more odd that the ratio was fundamental to a tiling system that appeared to have nothing to do with the physical world. Penrose had created a mathematical novelty, something Read More

this week in Tremendous – #3


A RECURRING SERIES OF BULLETS WHERE I GATHER BITS OF TREMENDOUS THAT HAVE CROSSED MY PATH. THE TERM ‘WEEK’ WILL BE USED LIBERALLY AND INCORRECTLY. Stress Gives You Daughters, Sons Make You Liberal [via Nautilus Magazine]: While circulating blood glucose is one likely mechanism that affects sex ratios in response to the environment, it is probably Read More