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Brain Pickings
I am in no way affiliated with Brain Pickings or its founder, Maria Popova, but I admire both Tremendously.


One Worthy of Free Men


 \ What good, if any, is the study of the liberal arts, particularly subjects like philosophy? Why, in short, should plumbers study Plato? My answer is that we should strive to be a society of free people, not simply one of well-compensated managers and employees. Henry David Thoreau is as relevant as ever when he Read More

Alain de Botton on Making Ideas Real, The Art of Living, and Using Culture To Cope


There are lots of tremendous ideas in this 20-minute talk from writer and philosopher Alain de Botton. He grabs a hold of art, religion, vulnerability, advertising, love, marriage, philosophy, and making money. It might be the single most significant video I watched this year. “We are too focused on the idea and not focused enough Read More